New Rotation at Toluca Lake Elementary

The Toluca Lake Elementary School garden is buzzing with life this week, new and old.   Today was the first day of a new rotation of classes in the garden.   Garden introductions are a great way to build a sense of place, belonging and responsibility among students.  Although all of my new 5th
graders had been in the garden before, it was worth our while to remind ourselves why the garden is here, how it nourishes us and how we can nourish the garden.  IMG_0895

The seasons are a-changing rapidly, and we certainly felt that in the garden today!   As a class, we planted sugar snap peas, which will flourish in the cool winter days.    We also were able to harvest tomatoes and lettuce for a snack.  What a contrast of seasonal fruits and vegetables!

Shout out to the wonderful Mediterranean climate of Southern California that allows us to eat such a diversity of produce all year long!

IMG_0893In other good news, the garlic cloves that the last rotation planted just last week have already begun to sprout!   Go, little clones, go!

Looking forward to the next 5 weeks with my new garden friends.


Jessica Brown