Gardening on the Fly

As students throughout Los Angeles are spending their summer vacation away from the classroom, EnrichLA volunteers, interns and rangers are hard at work maintaining and preparing the gardens for their return. This past Monday Ranger Jeff and I visited Toluca Lake Elementary School to make sure things were in tip-top shape for next year’s students.
Once we arrived it became obvious that only four of the eight beds were getting watered, and the tomatoes in the watered beds were taking over the entire garden! We spent the day wrestling the tomatoes back into their trestles and figuring out how to link to remaining four beds to the drip irrigation system.
After a trip to the hardware store, we were able to reroute the main irrigation manifold from a hose bib, up and over the garden and down to a connection point. To do so we constructed an impromptu archway above the garden entrance in order to run the line. After a full day’s work, the result was a functioning irrigations system, tomatoes happily tucked back in their beds and some young Shasta daisies, eggplant, tomatoes and cucumbers planted, ready to greet the students in the fall.