Down with Food Waste!

Wow, what a great first day in the Toluca Lake Elementary School garden!  Our students today all remembered how to behave in the garden, so we got to jump right into the day’s activities.

Today’s theme was “good bye summer, hello winter”.   Have you noticed the change in weather?  The garden sure has.    Any farmer/gardener will know that the change of seasons means change of plants.  And that’s exactly what we did today.  As the days get shorter and cooler, our summer crops are less and less happy.  This means harvesting, clearing beds, and starting new cold loving seeds.   Today we starting cabbage, kale, broccoli, onions and beets.   In a few weeks time, they’ll be ready to go in the ground.

Surprise!  At recess I was informed that the schools cafeteria was going to throw away more than 30 pounds of “un-servable “ fruit.   Talk about a teachable moment!  I received a box of slightly bruised apples and oranges destined for the landfill, and made sure to talk to the next class about FOOD WASTE.   To my amazement and delight, Ms. Laurie’s 4th grade class was just as upset about the waste as I was!   We sliced and diced the fruit (along with a watermelon picked from the garden) and agreed that it was equally as tasty as any other fruit.  We promised that next time we encountered a bruised apple, we would show it the same amount of love as a blemish free apple.

And guess who’s having apple sauce for dessert tonight🙂IMG_0611

Until next garden visit!


Ranger Jess

Jessica Brown