Caterpillar-mania at Toluca Lake Elem.

IMG_0965Today at Toluca Lake Elementary School we found so many holes in our brassica plants!  (brassica = cabbage family.   Broccoli, cabbage, kohl rabi, etc.)  Before our lesson, we had a chance to explore the garden and catch those pesky cabbage worms.  They may turn into lovely white butterflies, but they are hungry, hungry caterpillars first!  (I think we’ve all read the book)

IMG_0961My 5th graders got a lesson on food preservation today.  We discussed why we need to preserve food, who we need to protect it against, and the various ways humans can save their food.  Mirco-organisms are our enemy when it comes to preserving our food.  Through pickling, salting, freezing, jamming and dehydrating fresh food, we can save and eat it in the future.

I introduced them to a food preservation game I created to demonstrate what micro-organisms do in different temperatures.  We pretended I was an apple and they were the bacteria.  Using red light/green light as my inspiration, they acted as if they were at room temperature, the refrigerator, freezer, then boiled and canned.

We also got to take home some herbs bunches.   These herbs will eventually dehydrate and we will be able to use them to season food for months to come.  (Thyme, rosemary, oregano and mint!)





My kindergartners got a musical treat.  I brought my guitar out and we sang about the 6 plant parts, and did a bit of garden yoga.  We pretended our bodies were a sprouting seed, and acted out the life cycle of a plant.

What fun!



Jessica Brown