Back in Business at Toluca Lake Elem.

We’re back in business in the Toluca Lake garden!   After a long summer it feels great to back with the kids and the plants.


Luckily the students remembered who I am, and mostly remembered all our garden agreements. After a quick reminder we jumped right into our lesson for the day- plant families and seed saving.  


As fall and winter approach the leeks, chives and onions have all begun to produce their tiny black seeds. All three of the plants happen to belong to the allium family.  Just like wolves, coyotes and dogs belong to the canine family, plants also are grouped into families based on evolutionary traits. The alliums produce long flower stalks that have many tiny purple flowers. We also looked at different grasses.  I brought in some corn from my home garden and we compared them side by side with some grasses from around the school.


I enlisted the services of their tiny hands to help harvest the leek and corn seeds. Come spring we will have our very own Toluca Lake 2nd generation plants to grow!

We ended class with a snack- green beans and bell peppers.  yum!   

Jessica Brown