New season is taking shape

As the Farm King transitions from Summer to Fall, it’s exciting to think about what’s coming for the garden. New season, new vegetables, new fruits, and new possibilities for an incoming class of Starr King Middle School students.

One surprising benefit of gardening is that you will always be surprised at what you pull out of the garden. One volunteer found a perfect white onion just below the surface, planted months ago by a student or volunteer, as a tiny bulb. It’s a perfect example of the fruits of labor, but more importantly shows what you can dig up when you get your hands dirty, and get them into the soil.

And as the news of the styrofoam ban buzz continued to circulate through the press, the LA-based radio station, KCRW, showed up to record Farm King kids in an audio interview for Evan Kleinman’s popular “Good Food” program. More proof that the fruits of Farm King’s labor continue to reap benefits.

Some Farm King students showed off their artistic abilities…

While others used their noggins for bloggin’…

And overseeing all activities is a thirty-foot high stack of styrofoam plates…

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