The [plant] Variety Show

What a storm we had last night!   The much needed rain made for a very soggy and dewy morning in the garden at Toluca Lake Elementary School.

I held the first part of garden class outside.  The classes had time to wonder about theIMG_1273 beds, searching for emerging cauliflower and spotting caterpillars.  Everyone got to pick a leaf of oregano to garnish our snack. Once in the classroom, we did a lesson on varieties, and how our produce got to be so diverse.  Using the example of corn, I showed how within one species, like corn, we can have many varieties (purple, sweet, spotted, yellow and popping corn, etc.)

Most of our varieties are a result of past humans selecting seeds from plants with desirable traits.  Such as a big apple, or a juicy peach or purple corn!

IMG_1271We also talked about seed anatomy.   Most of the class assumed that seeds were alive, and they were right!   Inside the seed, we find the endosperm and the embryo, all within the seed coat.

A hearty happy holidays to all!

Until January, Farmer Jess

Jessica Brown