Preschoolers Help Weed the Nutsedge at Sullivan

The weeds at Sullivan Prek are quite a hassle. I have a parent helping me to thin out the grass-engulfed beds weekly, but I thought it would be fun to have the kids involved, too. One of the beds was completely empty except for the grass growing so I thought, in preparation for new plants, the kids could help pull out the weeds. The three and four year olds had the time of their lives with their own mini trowel, pushing dirt around and pulling out grass roots and discovering the bugs that hide underground. I realized this was probably the first time they’ve ever dug in real dirt so I duly noted to let them do this more often!

Hope Cox

Hope is an urban farmer, garden educator and foodie transplanted from Tennessee to SoCal in 2014. She hopes to move out of the big city one day to pursue the life of a sustainable farmer; but in the meantime loves to teach elementary kids about how food is grown, nutritious and tasty recipes and connecting with nature.