Exploring Life in the Garden

At St. Patrick’s we explored the beneficial and detrimental bugs in the garden.  The kids learned about different species of insects that are either defined as predators, pollinators or prey.  We discussed how they are all interconnected and would not survive without one another. After we played freeze tag as friends and foes, we munched on some delicious summer squash that the lovely Ms. Monica roasted in the oven after I had seasoned the squash with olive oil, salt and pepper. It was a HIT!  The little ones devoured raw beets fresh from the garden. All the kids made use of the new tumbler placed outside the garden.

Hillary Williams

Hilllary Williams lives in North Hollywood with her two boys, husband and dog. She began growing her own edible garden eight years ago when her first born began eating solids. Working with kids and teaching them the wonder of growing your own food is the best job she could ask for, she has a true passion for education and healthy living!