Squirrels: The Problems they cause and how to manage them

Today’s lesson was all about the pest SQUIRREL!

John Marshall’s garden has a bad squirrel problem, like I have never seen. So, the only way we are going to be able to have a prosperous garden, is to get rid of the squirrels so they stop taking our harvest, and disturbing our garden beds.

Ways to keep squirrels out of the garden:
Cayenne pepper sprinkled in the garden (squirrels hate spicy plants)
Peppermint Plant or oil
Fox Pee
Plant things they don’t like: Daffodils, Ornamental Onions, Snowdrops, and Peppermint
Motion Activated sprinkler (expensive)
Proper fencing around garden beds (expensive and labor intensive)

For the activity I had the students make little container contraptions that hold moth balls and cayenne pepper with holes on the side, so that the odor of the two together when placed in the garden, will hopefully keep the squirrels out of the garden. We hole punched the sides of a condiment container then glued a wooden skewer to the bottom of the container. Then place the moth balls and cayenne pepper inside and taped the lid on top, this is to help prevent problems if it rains.

Some of the contraptions didn’t hold up well, and after class, I either tried to fix them or disposed of them, but the end result was at least three of them in each garden bed, so next week we will see if this worked. I plan on using other prevention tricks each week until we have successfully removed the threat of squirrels from the garden.