Spring Cleaning at Toluca Lake Elementary

IMG_2072Today in the garden we accomplished many tasks that needed our attention.  The last of the lettuce bolted, along with the spinach. The sugar snap peas finally slowed down there production and soil levels have been low.  The students today helped me remove the winter plants and put them in the compost.  We spread new soil in the cleared beds to prep them for a new planting.  IMG_2067

Even during recess we had a cohort of students watering and weeding.  My second graders got their hands super dirty spreading the compost around, but they seemed to enjoy it immensely.   We planted basil, tomatoes, peppers and squash.


The garden looks great!  We snacked on the last of our winter veggies; carrots, beets and sugar snap peas!  It was a feast, indeed, after a full class of garden work.

Jessica Brown