Spring Blossoms and Pollination


Today’s garden lesson was all about the blossoms- what is a flower, why do they blossom and who the heck cares?

A colorful and fragrant flower, aside from a great byproduct of being alive, is a signal a plant gives a pollinator- it is communicating that it is ready to to offer its nectar and pollen in exchange for pollination.  A plant must move the pollen from the male part of the plant (the stamen) to the female part (the pistil) in order for the plant to create viable offspring (seeds).  Sound familiar? 😉

Bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, flies, and other creatures are attracted by the sweet nectar and bright colors and while collecting food for themselves- they inadvertently spread the pollen from flower to flower.  I brought in some flowering hollyhocks to demonstrate some fertilized seeds.  We collected a big pile of seeds- spreading some in the garden and taking some home.  The kids then had a chance to roam the garden with magnifying glasses to peer into all the spring blossoms. 

Jessica Brown

Atwater Ave Elementary Garden

We just did some tweaking of the drip system at Atwater. Thank you to Charles Smith, the Principal for your help (during your vacation).  Everything is growing nicely.
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EnrichLA Kickstarter

Thank you to EVERYONE that has so far donated to our EnrichLA Kickstarter project! Some of the TASCHEN books, dinner at Tomas O’Grady’s home, and the LACMA membership are already sold out….but there are still plenty of rewards to donate for! You can get your OWN garden, installed by members of the EnrichLA team.  A…
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Learning to cook Ayurvedically at The Miguel Contreras High School

Carry Kim is a yoga therapist, registered Yin Yoga teacher and lineageholder of Yoga of Joy (Tibetan and Primordial Yoga). She is a certified Shiatsu therapist, passionate advocate of Ayurveda and therapeutic nutrition educator who integrates the principles of Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and Raw Foods. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year-old system of holistic healing from India. It…
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Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

Happy Holidays from Eco Enthusiast! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Here is my gift to you: A downloadable Recycle Symbol Snowflake e-card designed by yours truly. Feel free to send it to your family and friends. Enjoy! (right click or control click on the image to save file) Introducing a new…
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Asphalt out @ Main St. Elementary

Making room for the upcoming school urban forest with shade trees and native plants, sitting areas, reading garden and a fountain.
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Asphalt comes out at San Pedro Elementary

Making room for a new edible garden, new trees, vines and ground cover adding about 4,000 sq.ft. of permeable surface to the urban school, Phase 1 of campus greening,  a partnership of LAUSD’s Facilities and Office of Sustainability, School Principal and Community members, the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council, Tree People and EnrichLA. Please check our…
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Roybal High School Garden

Two weekends ago we built let another beautiful garden at Roybal High School near Downtown Los Angeles. This new garden is home to a picnic bench and table and a trellis for the students to enjoy.  With the skyline of Downtown in the background, this garden certainly adds something special to this campus. Thank you…
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Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

LA City Council to Vote to Ban the Bag Friday 12/16! Update 12/16/11: LA City Council did not ban single use bags today. “Environmentalists and employers clashed at a City Council hearing Wednesday over a proposal to ban both paper and plastic single-use bags. Environmental groups have hailed the plan to outlaw disposable bags, which…
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Hummingbirds feasting @ oregano flower

By David Ames | March 22, 2019

2nd rotation of the year started at Angeles Mesa Elementary. K, 1st and 3rd graders have been interacting with the garden and enjoying Unit 1. 3rd graders are so intrigued and curious about bugs, they liked the Friends & Foes lesson a lot! We recently harvested arugula, more radishes, chard; and have planted sweet snow…

Freshening Angeles Mesa Elementary

By David Ames | January 31, 2019

We have been super excited and entertained during our first Unit at Angeles Mesa. Kids from Pre-K, K and 5th grade have enjoyed learning and interacting with plants and garden. EnrichLA resumed activities at Angeles Mesa in the middle of November, bumping into a few days-off due to Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and then the strike,…

Getting organized at Taking the Reins

By Marina Frugone | November 21, 2018

“How do we know when to harvest?”  aaaah…. a hunch? a feel? it smells right? fruit’s the right size? Why don’t we make a harvest calendar! Pulling out the trusty UC Master Gardener Handbook and looking up the approximate harvest time for each of our plants. The girls are attentive!    Also, though it is…

A world beneath our feet… ALC students dig it up

By Marina Frugone | November 21, 2018

“Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww!” said ALC student. “What did I do?” said squirmy worm exposed to the sunlight. “Worms are amazing. Here, grab one and I’ll tell you about what they do” said Garden Ranger. “Their poop is really good for the plants and they create air pockets for roots. Worms are legit.” said other ALC student. ”…

Sprouts for the Sprouts at Mid-City’s Prescott

By Marina Frugone | November 20, 2018

The 1st and 2nd graders of Mid-City’s Prescott School of Enriched Sciences (the sprouts, the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are the seedlings…) watched these radish babies grow from seed to seedling and last week we discovered why root vegetables sometimes grow hugging each other…like these carrots… Once roots start to grow and grow under…

Stewardship at Taking the Reins

By Marina Frugone | November 20, 2018

Every Sunday I teach at Taking the Reins, a non-profit dedicated to building their four core concepts: responsibility, confidence, teamwork and leadership to teen girls in LA. Last Sunday, our main lesson was on garden troubleshooting and land stewardship where we made a list of things to do when you walk into the garden: watch…

Growing in the City…

By Marina Frugone | November 5, 2018

Between Westlake (McArthur Park) and Downtown LA you’ll find Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, a high school made up of several ‘sub’ schools. One of them, the Academic Leadership Community or simply ALC. The after school garden group meets every Tuesday from 1:30-3PM in a small but oh so mighty garden overlooking downtown. From day one,…

Multnomah Elementary goes on a Scavenger Hunt

By Olivia McCallum | March 8, 2019

This week at Multnomah Elementary the 4th graders went on a scavenger hunt in the garden looking for native plants! Each native plant in the garden was given an information sheet and a reason as to why we plant it in the garden. Do they attract butterflies? Are they water wise? Students were given three…

West Vernon Celebrates a Winter Harvest!

By Olivia McCallum | March 8, 2019

This week at West Vernon Elementary, we wrapped up our winter rotation. The students harvested what was ready from the garden which included broccoli, collard greens, cauliflower, purple beans, snap peas, chard, carrots and kale! We made some vegetarian tacos, using collard greens as the “tortilla” and each student was able to help make and…

Welcome Tulsa Gardeners!

By Catherine Siefert | March 11, 2019

Welcome Tulsa gardeners!! I had the honor of teaching Tulsa Elementary’s FIRST garden classes to some wonderful 5th graders! Over winter break, I had come to the garden to plant some seedlings so that our new gardeners had some plants to explore when they got back. This included kale, broccoli, spinach, chard, and carrot seedlings.…