Seeds: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

IMG_1442On yet another rainy day at Toluca Lake Elementary School I held garden class indoors. (not that I’m complaining about the rain)  It was the 6th and final class rotation.  As a parting gift, I gave everyone 6 blue corn seeds.  And while 6 may not seem like a sizable amount, the kids and I counted out the true meaning of a handful of seeds.

1 seed will make one blue corn stalk, which has an average of 4 ears of corn.  Every ear has about 300 seeds.   (1200 per plant!)   Thus,  with 6 healthy corn plants, you can produce 7,200 seeds!

That is some serious seed potential.  We packed the seeds away in home-made packets- and recorded the variety, date and planting instructions.  The students were very impressed and delighted with their gift.   Cheers to another successful rotation!

Jessica Brown