[seed] Bombs Away!!

Today at Toluca Lake Elem. I tried a new lesson with my students.  We made what I call “SEED BOMBS“!IMG_1103

When I was in college, I made these with friends.  Basically you create a mud/adobe ball combining clay, sand, compost and water.   Then you mix in some seeds and set them to dry for a few days.  After they have hardened, you have yourself a bomb!  a seed bomb that is. We would bike around “bombing” different patches of dirt. IMG_8173.JPG

These bombs can be tossed in the garden, in indoor pots, in abandon lots, along driveways, under trees or anywhere there’s a bit of soil!

The seeds I choose were a mix of native California wild flowers, which was fortuitous because the fifth graders are learning about water in Los Angeles.   The students were totally tuned in to water conservation and why planting natives is so important!




We had a fabulous time getting our hands dirty and mixing the right proportions of sand, clay and compost to form our bombs.  The kids really connected to the idea of native planting and are STOKED to place their bombs all over!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!   As we gather around the dinner table, remember to take time to thank our farmers for the incredible work they do.


Jessica Brown