What a difference a few months makes at Roosevelt High Garden, This garden is officially the most lush garden..

TOMAS O’GRADY┬áRoosevelt high school academy of Health Sciences garden. This garden is officially the most lush garden in the EnrichLa Garden set. It is not that long ago that volunteers from gay for good aided by a grant from the Boyle Heights neighborhood council transformed this unused piece of land from a garbage lot into an edible garden. The school under the inspired leadership of principal Maura Crossin planted and cared for this garden to a degree that I have not seen in a while. While I was there and I grabbed some tomatoes from the veggie garden, I squished them and added some basil and oregano from the herb garden and it was amazing. They even have a cutting flower garden. Erikka Moreno is a HealthCorps coordinator stationed at Roosevelt and we are now working together to build a fully functional outdoor kitchen on the site. Working together, anything’s possible.