Roosevelt’s Thriving Garden!

It was an exciting day in the garden at Roosevelt! Not only have all the transplants and new seedlings we added last week settled in nicely,

Radish seedlings


Flowering tomato plants!

Transplanted oregano

…and the original plants flourished in the gorgeous spring weather,

Happy strawberries!

Baby grapes!


Cheddar cauliflower

…but there is not a single aphid in the entire garden!

The three-way aphid removal techniques implemented last week seem to be working!!

Onions slipped in among the broccoli drive aphids away

Thrive, young broccoli!

The best part, is that the garden was literally crawling with ladybugs!

Eat up, lil lady!

The garden is coming along so nicely, and Ms. Burt’s class celebrated their hard work by harvesting lettuce!

Then, students snacked on crisp bok choy leaves, slathered with healthy homemade hummus! Hummus is a fast and healthy snack that’s easy to make and tastes great with veggies fresh from the garden.

Several students even asked for the recipe, so here it is: quick and easy hummus!