A Harvest at Roosevelt!

The garden at Roosevelt was absolutely loaded with gorgeous crops ready for harvest! The heat wave that caused our broccoli to bolt last week was replaced by rainy weather this week. While some of our plants were still sporting yellow flowers, most of the broccoli loved the cooler temps!

So many crops were flourishing in the garden, we spent the majority of our time harvesting!

Beautiful and fragrant oregano!

Rainbow Chard!

Radishes galore!

We even discovered our first tomato!!!

Then came the best part of any harvest — eating!!!

We sliced the radishes, drizzled them with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper…and devoured them!

The radishes were so delicious with this simple dressing, that the students chopped up some of the broccoli florets and flowers to eat as well!

EnrichLA intern Sarah helps prep the broccoli flowers.

Even after all that eating, there was still plenty of delicious greens and veggies to take back to class!

A bowl full of the harvest: Broccoli, purple and yellow cauliflower, kale, radish greens, broccoli flowers, and basil! Yum!!