Garden IrritANTs

TS Roosevelt has a problem.


Lured by¬† the sweet ‘nectar’ left by aphids, the ant population has exploded over the course of the summer! Aphids are easy enough to manage over time, with some strategic planting (plants in the onion family are perfect for planting now, nestled among aphid attracting cruciferous veggies and lettuces) and some lady bug troops, but ants can be pretty bothersome and viscous when disturbed.

Cornmeal is often proclaimed to be an excellent organic ant inhibitor, though I have no personal experience with it. But what is a school garden, if not an place to experiment?

The way it works, apparently, is this: the ants bring the tasty corn meal morsels back to their nest where they feast on them. Unable to digest the fiber in the cornmeal, however, the ants eventually starve and the entire nest is wiped out.

Will it work? I’ll keep you posted!