Rio Vista – chickens and asparagus

Hello Garden Friends,

IMG_0197Can anyone think of a better way to spend a Wednesday than to dig up some soil, plant some asparagus root stock, and then watch a chicken eat some bolting lettuce. I certainly couldn’t think of a better springtime activity.

Planting asparagus in the ground has been something I have been wanting to do for a while. Besides celery, and fennel, asparagus is one of the only plants I know of that we grow specifically to eat the stem. It comes in handy during the 6 plant parts lesson and edible stems is something that has been lacking in this garden until this week.

IMG_0199After digging a narrow trench, laying down the bare roots (which the kids are displayingproudly in the featured image), we mulched over top with some hay to keep moisture in and weeds away from the sun.

For play, we cut down some of the lettuce that has been going to flower in the hotter days and fed it to the chicken that I bring to class once per rotation. While watching the bird hungrily demolish the leaves poking through the chicken wire we talked about all the benefits of having chickens in our daily lives.. eggs… weed control.. bug control.. and of course a seemingly endless supply of fertilizer ūüėČ

Until next week,

Farmer Jeff

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