Our 20 GARDEN RANGERS ARE IN TRAINING. From our RANGER AGREEMENT last item is “Rangers will be the most cheerful person on campus.”

EnrichLA Garden Ranger

Scope of Work AGREEMENT

Rangers will hold weekly classes at the agreed upon time.

*If it rains, they will conduct classes indoors, either in a classroom or in a MPR.

Rangers will arrive no less than 15 minutes early to class so you can greet students as they enter the garden.

Rangers will spend 4 hours at the garden each week, unless otherwise agreed upon. They will dedicate ¾ of the time to teaching and ¼ of the time to garden maintenance.

Rangers will maintain a healthy and full garden. Successional planting should always be practiced.

Rangers will coordinate with school staff, parents and teachers to fully integrate the garden space with the school community.

Rangers will coordinate with Parent Ranger to help plan and execute any garden events throughout the school year.

Rangers will complete TB test, LAUSD Volunteer Application and LiveScan before teaching at any school.

Per LAUSD and all district policy, Rangers will never be alone with one student, even in an outdoor setting.

Per enrichla policy. Rangers will be the most cheerful person on campus.