Natives at Toluca Lake Elementary

The garden topic of the day at Toluca Lake was Native plants and flowers. Many of the plants we grow in the garden have been manipulated by humans through years by selecting seeds and sending those seeds across continents and hemispheres. We are grateful for the food diversity that an ever globalizing world has brought us but we mustn’t forget our beautiful native plants!


Native plants, animals and people thrived here before the dawn of large scale globalization.  They co-existed and even depended on one another for food, pollination, protection, etc. Supporting our native populations encourages native wildlife, reduces water use and returns our landscapes closer a state before we covered our land with grass and asphalt.

In celebration of natives we made seed bombs- filling mud balls with native flower seeds. The students will take these home and “bomb” their neighborhoods with these powerful seeds. We also had time to visit the Golden poppies in the garden, along with the flowering onions and ripening tomatoes!

Jessica Brown