Montemalaga Garden Build and Rejuvenation

On Saturday, Enrich La and Montemalaga hosted a garden build from 9am-1pm. We had three main goals for the day which included fixing some broken irrigation in the upper garden, installing completely new drip line in the lower garden and bringing in new soil and compost to both gardens to amend the soil.


We began by pulling out the summer strawberries so we could work with a clean slate and amend the soil.

Olivia helping to lead the weeding team.

Olivia helping to lead the weeding team.


Despite the rain and cold we had a great turn out of people who jumped into work and didn’t let the weather deter them from working hard!


Amending the soil in the upper bed.


Amending the soil in the lower garden.


Breaking up old, hard dirt.

We even got to tackle the overgrowing fern, which is a pretty big project! Dedicated workers!




 Two young adults got set up with the task of putting together our new compost tumbler. A challenging job I might add!


Garden Ranger Hope helped some of the younger kids plant lettuce and kale around a tree.




Hope is happy to plant flowers! And the irrigation cages are all set up!

The last finishing touches includes clean up. We’ve got a fresh new garden to work with now, thanks to all the help of our volunteers! We couldn’t have done this without you!


Amended soil and fixed drip irrigation.


Most of the fern got pulled out, but that will be an ongoing project for a bit. We planted nasturtiums and Icelandic poppies in these beds in hopes the flowers will take over and cascade down.

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