Miguel Contreras – Seed Calendar

Hello Garden Friends!

Today at ALCMC we did some crop planning. I started the lesson by sharing a seed calendar courtesy of urban of urbanorganicgardener.com. Through the website I was able to find the agricultural planting zone of the schools zip code (10b) and download a pdf file of all the plants you can start from seed in a particular month. After sharing the calendar, I had each group come up with a list of their favorite vegetables and gave them another resource to help them determine how long it would take for their vegetables to go from seed to harvest. These tables were derived from the Royal Horticultural Societies school gardening campaign. I told the students to ignore the sowing time dates because they corresponded to a different agricultural zone. An hour later every group was able to come up with their planting list. Above is a picture of one students chart.

Note: if you look closely you can see the student labeled her plants in Spanish. I recognized all of them except for the last which she wrote as “güisquil” which is the El Salvadorian and Guatemalan word for Chayote. Having no information on this plant I told her I would do some research and learn to grow it with her (more on this later). After making charts, we went out to the garden to do a little clean up and break the garden up into growing plots! Each group is in charge of their own plot. I thought this would be a nice way to get the students to take ownership of their garden. Below you can see them drawing lines in the damp earth to distinguish whose plot is who. I told them each plot could be about 6ft by 12ft considering the size of the garden. Check it out!

photo 2Until next time, Grow on! -Jeff Mailes