Miguel Contreras – Bamboo Trellis

Hello Garden Friends,

This Tuesday at the Miguel Contreras, we built a bamboo fence for our peas vs. beans project. Let me first say, the only thing that feels better than building a bamboo trellis with a bunch of students…is being able to tell them that the bamboo was harvested locally and is no longer competing with the native flora of Topanga Canyon.

photo 1

Working with raw materials, we had to get to work right away. Processing the bamboo into similar lengths we arranged them more or less into perpendicular rows for weaving. As you can see in the featured image we had several students working simultaneously on different tasks. Pulling off the chaff into the compost pile, cutting the wood, staking the bamboo into the soil, and reinforcing the joints with pliers and wire.

We are all busy trying to get ready for a potential photo shoot the week leading up to halloween. Cross your fingers!

Until next time, grow on
-Jeff Mailes