Brother blog URBAN FOOD AMERICA writes about Micheltorena and EnrichLA

Here is an excerpt, for the full article visit Urban Food America.

“Before Micheltorena Elementary School built its community garden, the majority of the schoolgrounds was a vast, empty parking lot adjacent to the noisy West Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

Thanks to a few committed neighborhood volunteers, this public school is now the prideful home of a beautiful and productive community garden.

The Micheltorena garden is a real-world testing ground for students to apply ideas and values learned in the classroom, and a cherished community space that brings the neighborhood together…

The workdays are organized by Leonardo Chalupowicz, who has led the garden project throughout its one-year existence. The experience inspired him and others to co-found EnrichLA, a non-profit organization whose mission is, “A Garden in Every School.”

The group manages 11 school gardens at various stages in the Los Angeles area.”

Thank you Chris Cano volunteer and blogger extraordinaire!