Tea for YOU!

I once again had the pleasure of subbing at Melrose Elementary. Since it was the last week of the session, I wanted to do something special; something the students could make and take home to share with their families. Luckily, the garden at Melrose Elementary is full of 3 different kinds of mint; peppermint, spearmint and chocolate mint! The kids had a chance to examine each kind of mint and take note of their differences and similarities. We then took some peppermint from the garden (that I had dried earlier) and made tea bags out of coffee filters!

IMG_1773 You can dry mint upside down outside….

IMG_1807 …or lay it flat in your hot car!

IMG_1811 The finished product!

Michelle Alger-Mintie

Michelle Alger-Mintie is an urban farmer and garden educator. She grew up in Los Angeles County and studied Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz. For the past 5 years she has worked on farms, in food distribution, in greenhouses, with special needs students and as a non profit program coordinator; all the time striving to make LA healthier, greener, better. She also currently works as a private edible gardener and makes vegetables beds out of pallets in her free time. To engage her services, send an email to malgermintie@gmail.com.