Flower Power at Melrose

The sunflower plants are amazing here at Melrose, they are huge and producing so many flowers every week. Today I worked on pruning the two huge sunflower plants. I think I cut off a hundred flowers. The vine plants are not doing well and I worked on helping those and trying to figure out the best solution tot he problem of these vine plants growing up the fence and around the different garden beds. I need to get a few more trellises for this garden to use for the vine growing plants. Today I harvested a ton a peppers and gave them to the plant manager. Next week I will work on cleaning up the garden to make sure it looks good for when school starts.

Shelby Thibodeaux

I am from Houston, Texas and moved to L.A. in November. I graduated from Texas Tech University with an Environmental and the Humanities degree. I love being outside and growing food, and really love teaching the kids all about the environment.