Crazy Basil at Melrose 

I eat my lunch in the beautiful Melrose Elementary garden. The plant manager was very friendly and very helpful to what I need to do maintain the garden for the summer. The basil in the garden is out of control. It needs a lot of help with pruning.I could spend days pruning the basil, but I don’t have that kind of time so every week I will do a little and then focus on other things that need to be taken care of in the garden. 

There are a lot of peppers that are going to be ready soon to harvest. I harvested a handfull of strawberries. I pruned other herbs in the garden. Then for next week, I need to clean up in the beds and take out all of the dead leaves. The garden is looking great, with giant sunflower plants bringing lots of color and bees into the garden. 



Shelby Thibodeaux

I am from Houston, Texas and moved to L.A. in November. I graduated from Texas Tech University with an Environmental and the Humanities degree. I love being outside and growing food, and really love teaching the kids all about the environment.