Markham Students Speak Out About Local Food

Yesterday, during their last EnrichLA garden class, sixth and seventh graders from Markham Middle School in Watts, CA were asked: “why it is important to grow your own food?” “It is important to grow your own food so that you don’t have to waste money at the store,” said Jaime, a seventh grader. “And so that you know what’s in it. You never know if companies put poison or other chemicals in the food,” added Destiny, while eating fresh watermelon and kale from the garden. “Will you use this knowledge in the future?” I asked. “Yes!” shouted a few. Then Anthony spoke up: “When you go shopping and the store doesn’t have any food left, you can just grow it!” Let’s hope Anthony’s prediction does not come true, but if and when it does there are now a few more students here in LA prepared to feed themselves and their families healthy, local and home-grown food.