Markham Farm: Before, During and After

A couple of months ago one of the plots at the Markham Farm was offered up. My students and I happily seized the opportunity to take on a new project but we quickly realized we needed to get to work. The plot had seen better days so the first step was removing those pesky weeds. They were given free range of the plot for a few months so we definitely needed to pull up our sleeves.


An 8th grader workin’ those arm muscles!

Some of the weeds we encountered were waist-high! Once we trimmed those wily ones down, we did some ground-level excavation.

Weed Excavation!

Twenty hours and 100 Markham Eagles later, we had a plot that was ready to be tilled. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by Tomas. We tilled and raked and then tilled and raked, once more. After a few hours it was ready for winter planting.

I arrived last Friday morning with two amazing volunteers, Laura and Sonja. We spent the morning preparing the plot and planting with students. The Markham Eagles took great care while planting their seedlings. You can see from their strong motes that they wanted their veggies to grow!

Our New Plot


Laura, Sonja and I were exhausted by the day’s end but we had something wonderful to show for it. We nicknamed ourselves the dream team because we felt empowered by our accomplishment. Go teamwork!

The Dream Team