Go Away Gopher

On Friday morning Markham students went gopher (hole) hunting. Those pesky rodents have been doing terrible damage to our winter veggies. Sadly, we recently lost a bountiful rainbow chard plant.

We aimed to deter the gophers and not harm them so we tried our hand with a local ingredient- coffee grounds! A big “thanks” to Cafe de Leche in Highland Park for providing us with coffee grounds from their organic coffee supplier, Oregon based, Stumptown Coffee.

Many gardeners have been successful deterring gophers with coffee grounds because of their aversion to strong scents. Additionally, coffee grounds are natural and enrich the soil.

Students in Mr. Carrasco’s science class searched around the space for evidence of the gophers. We searched for large mounds of dirt, which are often a result of the underground tunnels. We grabbed handfuls of coffee grounds and placed them in all the holes we could find. For good measure, we sprinkled the remaining grounds on the top of our soil, so wish us luck!

We wrapped up the day with a snack swap with our other friends in the garden. I even got to try the dish that Ms. Hodgson’s students made- sautéed collard greens with onions and celery. Yum!

Snack Swap