Giving Thanks

Just hours before the bell rang for Thanksgiving break, students dropped by the garden to participate in a “giving thanks” activity. We used leaf imprints to create a beautiful backdrop to highlight what we were most thankful for.  As you can see, these 6th and 7th graders didn’t have any trouble giving thanks to the people and things around them. Needless to say, seeing our collective appreciation for the things in life was a great reminder that there is a whole lot to be thankful for!

Collaborative Appreciation

Before the holiday hysteria ensued, students made a promise to each other that they would express their gratitude during their time off. We realized that we often get bogged down by the details in our daily life and forget to verbalize our appreciation for those around us. We agreed that it felt nice to say kind words to each other and that we should get accustomed to doing it more often.

Leaf Imprinting

Multi-Colored Gratitude















In light of that realization, and striving to walk my talk, here’s my “giving thanks”: I am thankful I get to spend beautiful Southern California days in the garden learning from these inspiring young people. Cheers, and Happy Thanksgiving!