Salad Day at Luther Burbank

It was a busy day in the garden. The classes are finishing up their botanical drawings, we amended the garden beds with our homemade compost and planted carrots, and we talked about the ecological concept of the edge. 

Edges are fonts of biodiversity. We broke down that word: bio (life) and diversity (difference). The edge between the ocean and the land, for instance, has sea creatures, land creatures, and many creatures that only live on the beach. So they are hotbeds of life and action. We found some edges in our garden and I challenged the kids to look for edges in their every day lives, because principles of nature almost always extrapolate into modern life. For instance, at the end of the day all the kids will come out of the school and go stand at the pickup point on the EDGE of the school where the busses and the drivers and the parents in their cars will all pick them up. There will be crossing guards and parking enforcement and little brothers and sisters and ice cream vendors there, too. 

The second class had a bit of an empty stomach so we went over a recipe for a good seasonal salad — one mild green like lettuce, one tasty green like arugula or sorrel, shredded carrots or beets, cucumber or tomato, two herbs (like chives and another one), one fruit, one kind of seed, and avocado if you have it! And then we all gathered these items and made a yummy salad. 

Alexandra Carbone