Marmalade Season at Luther Burbank

Well, we did it! Under some trying al fresco conditions, we managed to convert a tree full of these sour mini oranges into delicious marmalade! 

Making marmalade is actually really simple and easy. Here is the recipe we used in case you want to try it at home:

Two different classes helped out with the harvesting, chopping, cooking and cleaning. We even had some “graphic designers”, kids who like to draw, design some labels. We ended up with 12 decent sized jars of delicious marmalade that (thank goodness) set successfully in the refrigerator overnight. 

Ranger Alex tried some on buttered toast and let me tell you, it’s so yummy! The kids and teachers will get to try some next week and we’ll have some all custom labeled up and looking beautiful for the blog. Check back to see how everyone liked it!

Alexandra Carbone