Lemonade stand on back to school night – Luther Burbank Middle school & Fig House

Our newest collaboration at Luther Burbank, is with Fig House, a bespoke event venue across the street from the school. Talmadge their beverage expert and manager helped organize a lemonade stand for back to school night, using herbs harvested by the sixth graders from the garden and infused in a simple syrup. They were walked across to the Fig House kitchen where chef Libry taught them how to process the herbs and make an infused simple syrup, which they used for their lemonade.

Lemonade sweetened with chocolate mint infused simple syrup made the kids a tidy $200 at their back to school night! Here’s to learning from expert chefs!


IMG_8319IMG_8320IMG_8324  IMG_8318

IMG_8325 IMG_8321