Hello Spring !

The first California poppy has popped its head



The Ceanothus has survived all the balls that come flying from the playground


The broccoli is loving the sun and mycelium laced oak mulch.

Our garden is finally growing! Safe from prying hands, the Sonoran wheat is loving the sun, the garlic shoots are growing again,  the artichokes look healthy and strong and all is taking shape at long last!

To reward ourselves on this feat of keeping it growing in spite of all odds, we whipped up a salad of course!

After harvesting all the mallow for our compost bin, we used some of the tender ones, nasturtium leaves, and broccoli heads to toss with some tangerine, pear, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Flowers, weeds, vegetables and fruits all in one delicious morsel.


A fence, some striking posters, and some guest gardeners from 4th grade, did the job!


Tahereh Sheerazie

Garden Ranger