A fresh end to 2013 for Luther Burbank Middle Schoolers

What’s a better way to end the new year than a fresh garden salad, made by you and your fellow classmates, that’s jam packed with nourishment ? Students from Luther Burbank MS went into their holiday vacation with satisfied bellies and a sense of pride after harvesting and preparing a huge garden salad together. These 8th graders broke up into groups and, with guidance, harvested kale, parsley, basil, carrots, radish, lettuce, and cilantro. They washed, chopped, cut, diced, grated, and massaged (yes, we massaged the kale with olive oil to make it softer!) the bounty and prepared it into a lovely salad. The students learned how to make a fresh, vegan, “caesar” dressing with fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt , and pepper. We added roasted sunflower seeds and grated parmesan and “ta-da!” Our salad was beautifully made and arranged. Mouths watering, students lined up to get a hearty serving of this fresh garden salad, with many coming back for seconds (and some even thirds!).

There is a lot of teamwork that goes into making a salad for 25 people! And its fun, too. Now students see how fun and easy it can be to make a healthy satisfying snack. Here’s to a healthy 2014!

Students make chard "ribbons" for the salad.

Students make chard “ribbons” for the salad.


Salads make smiles!