Food Marketing at Luther Burbank Middle School

We had some healthy eating educational fun at Luther Burbank talking about food marketing and the things companies have to do and say to get people to buy their products, and get their products to people to buy. 

It’s an ah-ha moment to stand in a garden with veggies growing and think about all the steps involved in turning that raw material into a product to sell. What would people buy? How much should it cost? Would they have to try it first? What could you tell them to make them want to buy it?

Is what you’re saying really true?

We talked about some slogans other companies use and if their food is really fresh or healthy or should be used in the way they are suggesting. We talked about characters that they create to sell food and what that really has to do with the food. And prizes that make you buy the food just for the prize. 

Then the kids experimented with choosing something growing in the garden and made their own advertisement. They were free to create their own product or slogan and had to set a price, which they are going to use later since they are studying rates in math class.

These are some of their finished papers. Also, this tree is lit! We’ve been working on improving the soil around the trees and making sure they have enough water and nutrients, so it is encouraging to see! Happy spring!

Alexandra Carbone