Factory or Farm? At Luther Burbank Middle School

We have been doing a healthy eating unit at Luther Burbank. Last time we talked about the food pyramid/balanced plate, the different categories of foods, and what they do for our bodies. 

This time we talked about how to tell if a food is processed or not, and the health differences between fresh foods and foods that came through a factory. Then we did an exercise classifying different foods and deciding if they were closer to something that came straight from the earth, or something that was mostly created in a factory. 

This led to some interesting discussions about, for instance, which breads are healthier for you and why, and also peripheral topics such as packaging and how compostable packaging that can return to the dirt is healthier for the planet. 

These kids love making and eating salads from the garden, big time! So we planted some more lettuce. The teachers also modelled healthy eating habits by taking home some produce from the garden. It feels good to support these teachers who give so much to their students. That’s what gardens are all about. Look how happy they are!

Alexandra Carbone