Cook Off! At Luther Burbank MS

The kids had a blast learning about healthy eating and reading and creating recipes at our last class, inspired by the show Iron Chef. 

The kids split up into two teams after reading a kale salad recipe and were sent on a mission to create their own version from the produce in the garden. 

The two teams created really different salads! One had lots of shredded daikon and pine nuts and was dressed with sesame oil and mint. The other one had Mexican inspired flavors with lots of red radish and cilantro and a healthy squeeze of lime. They were both delicious! We wisely had three judges so it couldn’t be a tie, and the pine nut creation just edged out the cilantro lime salad. 

Since it won, we all wrote down that recipe in our garden journals and dubbed it “Natural Life Salad”. Here are some shots of the teams at work. 

In other news, another tree is popping off with a beautiful spring bloom! Hopefully this will mean abundant fruit in a few months time.

 Sadly, the flower bed is not doing as well as something dug it all up. It’s always two steps forward and one step back with gardening and a gardeners work is never done because, well, gardens are never “done”. But we will rebuild!

Alexandra Carbone