Botanical sketching at Luther Burbank

The kids have been hard at work making their own botanical prints from plants of their choosing in the garden. They were shown examples from the 18th and 19th century (above) and we discussed how before the camera was common these very detailed drawings were important for cataloging and sharing plant knowledge. 

Many kids were unsure of their drawing skills but by their second or third drafts were displaying a quiet glow of pride and accomplishment in their work. We have purchased “nice paper” for them to make a final finished version in color. 

This intersection of art and observation underscores many principles we teach at Enrich LA such as: plant identification, plant parts, the importance of observation to resolving issues in the garden, and even the relationship to pollinators as the bees and butterflies come and go as the kids draw. It has been a successful lesson so far and we look forward to displaying their finished drawings!!
Also, the harvest from this garden is looking awesome!!

Alexandra Carbone