Back from Spring Break at Luther Burbank Middle School

We are back at Luther Burbank … and the garden went CRAZY over spring break. It seems all the weeds grew MUCH faster than the plants we put in the ground before vacation! So we did much maintenance today. In addition, the kids chose plants to focus on to research so that they can create signs with plant facts to decorate the garden. They had a chance to look through a stack of books I brought to discover the history, nutritional value, culinary or habitat benefits, and growing needs of the plant they chose.

Some groups worked on this project while others weeded and harvested. We harvested artichokes, lettuce, chard, and fava beans, and collected seeds from the nasturtiums (see featured image)!

Lastly, one class is incorporating math by measuring their plant’s growth. During the next few weeks, they will create a chart demonstrating how fast their plants grow and compare it to a chart of the ambient temperature to see if there is any correlation. While they measure, they will also be recording observations of the plant for both scientific and literary purposes; such as to help interpret their graphs of the plant growth and to write poems about their plants in English class. In addition, while measuring, they will be taking care of their plant through watering and weeding.

Gardens are places of learning in so many ways. It’s been amazing to watch the kids spiral off into different academic disciplines simply by engaging with one little plant!

Alexandra Carbone