Shed your skin young grasshopper – Fleming Middle

Don’t bug out!!! This week at Fleming we are learning about beneficials and pests. Inside the classroom we made sure we understood the difference and talked about species but outside the classroom and into the garden is where the FUN begins! We spent time going on a scavenger hunt searching for insects!  What’d we find?? Aphids, ladybugs, gentlemen bugs, grasshoppers with their new sparkly skin, and more…  Observations were made and we went back inside to discuss exactly what insect we came across and what roles they play in the garden!   Photo Dec 07, 1 08 17 PM  Photo Dec 07, 1 08 31 PMPhoto Dec 07, 12 54 14 PMPhoto Nov 30, 12 37 48 PM

Yancy Comins

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