Planting seasons at LFCSA

Today on this sunny Monday, we talked about cool and warm season veggies. In L.A., we have two planting seasons, “cool” and “warm”.We are lucky to have this Mediterranean climate because we can grow food all year long! To learn more about which veggies like to grow in cool weather or warm weather, we played a card game. Each student received a card with a fruit or veggie on it, and with a C or W on the back, for cool or warm. I would describe a type of weather condition, if it was favorable to the veggie, those student with that card would get up and cheer or dance. If it wasn’t a favorable weather condition those veggies would be dormant or “sleeping”. To end the class, students that volunteered to share, came up to the front of the class to share what veggie they were and what weather they grew in. A nice cool salad with basil flowers from the garden was the taste of the day. I also found the first blooming Passionflowers of the season in the garden!

Excuse the lack of pictures today, we were having so much fun with the game that I didn’t get to take pictures!

The Sleeping veggies!

The Sleeping veggies!


A blooming passionflower!

-Ranger Cindy

Cindy Soto