Home and Displacement.

5th graders at Los Feliz Charter started their year in the garden today.
Our session began with orientation, knowing where our garden is situated in relation to everything else around it.
The children learned about cardinal directions and after taking a walk in their little garden drew up individual maps of all theyd seen, in their garden journals.
Later everyone got to pick a leaf or two and stencil them on to their journal covers. Home work till we meet next, is to name the plant to which the leaf belongs both in English and its Latin scientific name.

Well keep refining our sense of place and making journal entries every week as we garden. The semester long theme for all subjects for 5th graders, is ‘Home and displacement’
Our garden work will also reflect what it means for a plant to feel ‘at home’ and what happens when its displaced!

Tahereh Sheerazie
Garden Ranger