Grapevine Madness at Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts

We gave the garden a little TLC in preparation for the kids return next week! The garden has a lot going on, but this vigorous grapevine had a little too much going on! It was blocking the side entrance and growing onto accompanying trees and plants.
Here is the AFTER shot:

How inviting is that? And we were able to do it taking only very few of the baby grapes off it. There will still be plenty for the children to eat and maybe even make jam out of!

Then we took all these clippings and chopped them up and put them in the compost.


The bottom of the compost was breaking down pretty well but it was dry so we watered it. Water is an important part of the decomposition process. If it doesn’t have enough water, the clippings just kind of dry out and mummify. With enough water they turn into a nice rich soil.


Here it is all tidied up. Those clippers got a workout!


There were a few cool things flourishing in the garden, such as this grasshopper and these native California poppies. We planted a few more seeds like zinnia and more poppies, too, took out some rangy looking sunflowers, and called it a day. You can almost feel how excited the garden is to have the kids back.