Cover crops pop their heads

At Los Feliz Charter a lesson gets repeated for four times, once for each set of fifth graders. That works perfectly for seed germination, since what gets planted by a group has already reared its head by the time they’re back two weeks later.


Our garden boxes are now all showing signs of life, little green shoots of Winter Rye, Sonoran Wheat, Barley, Nasturtiums, California Poppies, Milkweed, Chard, Broccoli and Fava Beans.




To this mix of cover crops, grains, vegetables and pollinators we added a dwarf Ceanothus bush, and two milkweed starters that look like they cant wait for spring!

For good measure we planted the tops and bottoms of very stale carrots and hypothesized which portion of the vegetable will grow to become another carrot. The wait is on!

Los Feliz Charter for the Arts
Tahereh Sheerazie