Chia – Salvia Hispanica

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Our densely planted garden beds are all blooming with spring vigour

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Today’s lesson was an intro to a popular Aztec/Mexican ancient seed. Belonging to the Salvia family, Chia seeds are well known and more and more commonly eaten for their nutritional value. We first drew the tiny seeds in our garden journals, then got to dissolve them in water and drink them in their gooey form, plus throw a good dollop on our salad to taste it in its dry form.

The children then built a tiny in ground mound made up of branches, twigs, paper, soil and mulch into which a handful of chia seeds were broadcast. We hope to see it grow and recognize this special seed in its entirety.

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Tahereh Sheerazie

Tahereh likes to hike, bike, quilt, cook and most of all garden. She has been a garden ranger with EnrichLa since January 2015. She teaches middle school children, many of whom have special needs which has necessitated a slow, mindful approach to place based garden education. Improving soil, making compost, harvesting water, growing natives and ancient grains and journal writing, is what she enjoys doing most with the children.