Starting a new year with snow peas at Lexington

The plants at Lexington were very happy after a long, rainy winter holiday! Since it was raining this week, the 2nd graders had an introduction to seeds and the garden from the cafeteria. We discussed the rules in the garden and the importance of treating the garden with as much respect as an indoor classroom.

I then taught the kids a little bit about seeds. We focused on where seeds come from (typically a plants flowers or fruit) and how they germinate. We placed snow peas into clear plastic cups with damp coffee filters so that we could watch the seed’s germination process as the seed splits open, a sprout comes out, and baby leaves grow.

We’ll continue checking on our snow peas in the coming weeks and plant them into the ground once the sprout emerges. Below we have a our thriving Brussel sprouts and Swiss chard after the much-needed rain.


Happy rainy season!

-Ranger Claire

IMG_7663FullSizeRender 5  IMG_7761


Claire Heddles

Claire is a researcher and sociologist who grew up in Tucson, AZ. She loves being outside and sharing the joy of growing with the kids at Utah Street School.