Radish & More Harvest Party!

For our final class in the garden we took a tour of all the beds to see everything growing. We walked from bed to bed noting what plants and weeds were growing. We pulled out some of the grasses in the beds that had sprouted in the rain. We then pulled lots of tasty, colorful foods that were ready to harvest! We found kale, red chard, green chard, mint, carrots, beets, radishes, and strawberries. Some students helped chop while the rest of the students explored the garden further with magnifying glasses. We came back together to taste our rainbow salad and boy was it delicious! The strawberries mixed with our apple cider vinegar/olive oil dressing to make a berry vinaigrette, making this salad the kid’s favorite one yet.


Happy harvesting,

Ranger Claire

IMG_7871 IMG_7874

Claire Heddles

Claire is a researcher and sociologist who grew up in Tucson, AZ. She loves being outside and sharing the joy of growing with the kids at Utah Street School.